So You Wannabe on Reality TV
by Jack Benza

$19.95; 6x9; 224 pages ISBN 1-58115-422-4
Publication Date: August 2005

Learn the Secrets To Getting Cast on a Reality TV Show
Experienced Contestant Takes You Behind-the-Scene

Since the summer of 2000, when the first edition of "Survivor" debuted in the United States and attracted more than 50 million viewers, Reality TV has become a staple of American television viewing habits and has taken over the airways. Now, anyone looking for their "fifteen minutes of fame" can learn what it takes to be cast as a contestant on one of these shows. Jack Benza, an experienced contestant and the only person who claims to have been on over 30 Reality TV shows, takes the reader inside the world of this formidable industry in So You Wannabe on Reality TV.

So You Wannabe on Reality TV lifts the veil of secrecy behind this growing industry as it discusses the competition, the sacrifices, the temptations and the prizes. It exposes how the producers rig shows, how cameras turn into confession booths, and how sex and alcohol are used as rewards. There are tips on personal safety issues, financial rewards, and the pros and cons of making friends on the show. Finally, Benza shares his own experiences of making out with a porn star, being hunted by a rock star, almost being raped in an Amsterdam bar and winning and smashing up two new cars. "Remember," says Benza, "if you plan on doing these shows, the private life that you know now will no longer be private. The network will expose and humiliate you in some form or fashion."

If you can live with the loss of your privacy, then follow these (and other) important tips offered to all aspiring reality tv contestants:

• Recognize the tricks producers use to create maximum drama
• Avoid turning the camera into a confessional
• Keep your relationship with the crew under control
• Make the most of your prizes
• Deal with the phase between the end of taping and the show's TV debut
• Steer clear of traps in the lengthy application forms
• Make a killer audition tape
• Ace your on-camera interviews
• Prep for the physical and mental tests
• Pass the background check
• Negotiate the contract
• Scope out your competition and the location

In 2004 more than 492 new reality television programs debuted in primetime in nine major countries. More than 200 are being planned for 2005 with 176 already in the pipeline. Millions of people throughout the world ages 12-60 have applied for and/or interviewed to be on a reality show. So if you want to learn how to use your skills, your charm, and your smarts to outwit your competition, this is the book for you.

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Jack Benza grew up in New York on Long Island and graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a degree in acting and writing. After college he moved to Manhattan where he bartended at night, studied acting during the day and tried writing scripts for TV and movies. His acting career took off when he relocated to Los Angeles and secured a SAG card by doing various independent films, commercials, and TV shows. His first speaking role was on Pam Anderson's show "V.I.P." as Benny the memorabilia dealer and he had a small part on The Rock's movie "Rundown." He then created an "alter" personality or "character actor" who he calls a "brass New Yorker" and used this personality to audition and get hired for over thirty Reality/Dating/Game shows. He has won two new cars and over $60,000 in cash, trips, and prizes. Benza currently lives and works in LA.


"Hey parents, this is the book to give your child before they head off to Hollywood with stars in their eyes. The author bravely exposes the industry's hidden secrets."

A.J. Benza, TV Personality and Author of Fame: Ain't It a Bitch

"Jack Benza breaks down life in, on, and around Reality TV. And you'll be surprised to find out what 'reality' really means when TV is involved. Quick tip: Save your winnings."

Newsday's Mark La Monica

"...the inevitable 'So You Wannabe on Reality TV' by Jack Benza, who got hired for 30 reality, dating and game shows. After getting two cars, a couple of trips and $60,000 cash out of it, he'll tell you how to pass the audition, get cast, stay on top and how to win. Also, as he puts it, how 'sex and alcohol' are used as rewards."

New York Post, Cindy Adams

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By Jack Benza
Learn the secrets to getting cast on a Reality TV show! Experienced contestant, Jack Benza, takes you behind the scenes in his new book, which is in stores now.

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Confessions of a Struggling Artist
By Jack Benza
Jack Benza give you an honest, inside look into his life of as an actor, musician, stand-up comic, published author, and Hollywood waiter.

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