Summertime and the living is easy.

I sometimes forget I have this blog and website. Ok good things are happening this summer. I’m back into stand up with a purpose and a passion. Before this I was just into doing it for the whatever of it. But now to me it is a drug I havent hit up in a while. It’s a rush and a challenge and a release. I get to talk about things that really bug me and it keeps me sharp. Also I am back on TV as the photographer on Days of Our Lives. Its a funĀ  part and I get to be Jack Benza on the show. The auditions are starting to pour in as the season gets busier. I stopped drinking for a while and smoking as well. Just to get healthier and see if i can do it. I went 20 days and it wasn’t hard. It’s just when you go on a cleanse you find out you mis stuff like hanging out with friends. Going to NY next week to see my Yankees and family. John’s pizza on Bleeker street. My buddy is mnaking a movie trailer based on my journey through reality TV. It will be out in two weeks. Also i am thinking of doing a new game show titled Lights out. More details to follow.