Set up some days to remember

When you do a 90 day cleanse you have to set up special days to get through it and enjoy the process as well. For example, during my process I have a marathon planned, a mud run, a Pro wrestling event, a stand up comedy event, fantasy baseball draft, jet ski day…

Point is I set up days where I will look forward to doing things sober and not in an altered state. It is a challenge and yes a reward to experience and accomplish these feats. Every experience does not have to be a woo hoo party event. They can be a “holy shit I did that event”.

These days are special and I suggest you do that in your life right now. Schedule some stuff. A trip, a date, an event. If you get a little nervous or even excited doing it then you are on the right track. Venture off from the norm and try some new stuff.  It opens up some doors.

Another thing I do when I get tired of watching myself during this cleanse is take a “me day”. A day off where I get lost. I don’t drink or hurt what I am trying to do, but I go to the beach, movies, a drive, play video games. Just get a way for a day to recharge the batteries.

So when you decide to clean things up in your life try setting up some days for yourself. The audio book is Dudes Change Your Ways in 90 Days.

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