The Pinnacle Goal

Right now I am finishing up day 17 of a 90 day cleanse and going into this I finally have the energy to take my goals and dreams to the next level. 17 days sober, no smoking, no drugs, no pills or anything preventing me from getting up every morning and taking over my life and getting things done. And I’m not spending stupidly. I’m actually making money off my acting and writing besides my bread and butter job. That was my goal last cleanse publish a book and I published two. Also book an acting job and I landed a commercial. So I got money coming in even when I am at my bread and butter job. Lastly I am training for marathon which I will run in again three weeks from tomorrow. Every time I do this cleanse monster things happen. So what next?

The Pinnacle goal is the backbone for doing a 90 day cleanse. It can be to lose weight, ditch a habit, save money, get healthy, make more money. Hell that is all my reasons, but my pinnacle goal is to take a script I wrote three years ago and make it into an animated movie by going into a Hollywood studio like Dreamworks or Disney to sell it! Three years ago I wrote it, had a table read, did the revisions, made it an audio book by casting people for certain roles and dedicating serious quality studio time. Finally I put it on Itunes and for sale. The name of the audio book is called Living The Dream and starting tonight I take my pinnacle goal to the next level.

But how do I do it? How do I get that meeting in that Hollywood studio?! I know I have to find a manager or lit agent that will love this idea and get me in the door so I can sell my idea. Now a year ago I wanted to publish a book about my 90 days til Redemption process. I did my homework, found a publisher and got a deal. The book is called Dudes, Change Your ways in 90 Days and is available as an audio, e-book and paperback on Amazon. Same applies here in order to reach my goal. I allowed myself the time to get this energy, motivation and will.

This is what my program does. Hey I love to have a good time. But recently I have really been enjoying life, talking about myself and inspiring others because I am getting it all done in my life. I am an actor. I am a writer. I am a bartender. I am a marathon runner. I really am. Next I am a Hollywood screen writer. Why not? There are no bounds in this cleanse. Amazing things happen when I live it. I wear my bracelet with pride. I am taking the time to disappear for a while so I can do the leg work to get this done.

So you have to ask yourself….Is there something I really want to do? Once you answer that ask yourself…why do I want to do it? Lastly once you have your reason..when am I going to do it? What is your pinnacle goal? That’s your business if you make it yours.

Life is short. Start living it.

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