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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Day 47 of Dudes Change Your ways in 90 days

After a successful book signing my book has a home at Chevaliers Books on Larchmont. So if you want a paperback copy and you’re in Los Angeles stop on in and buy a copy. Don’t forget the book is available online as well. That’s what you have to do when you’re book is out. Put the books in stores and hopefully after some time you make a profit. I am glad I went through with it and now my new mission is to put it in other book stores.

As I said yesterday I am going back to life of Redemption. I get more done and I like that person better. In my book I talk about the New Normal which is your strategy once the 90 days are up. That is something you need-strict guidelines you must live by once you reintroduce bad habits back in your life. After two weeks of coexisting with them I am beginning to seriously realize I don’t like them in my life. This was the whole plan of this process to kill those urges and bring in a sense of awareness that I don’t need them in my life anymore. It did take the whole year for me to realize this and 3 90 day cycles. So I am feeling better already this week. Facing things and getting things done.

I took a break from promoting the book like I always have. I was trying new things, having fun and frankly I got burned out. But I am returning for another push.

Feedback from others who have bought the book and are on the program is keeping this alive. This run, this adventure. I am glad I am helping people. This book and this process does just that. But always remember this is a process that takes time. You won’t solve all your problems in 90 days but think about all the good you are doing in those 90 days for yourself rather than hurting your self. Always use me as an example. if I can do it, you can do it.

september 10th

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Right now I, Jack Benza, am promoting my book Dudes change Your ways in 90 Days. It is a book about losing your bad habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, drugs and finding motivation and creativity in your life. In order to do this people are following the 90 Days Til Redemption program which states that for 90 days you suspend your bad habits. You learn to test drive a new life. see what it is like to wake up sober, with money in your pocket and have the energy you need to get things done. In this time you earn redemption and get the control back in your life. Tools are provided along the way. People are wearing the Redemption Bracelet which signifies each day you are on. This is something you create and not something you buy. Rituals, the journal and the old number 7 box are more tool sthrown in the mix. After your 90 days you come up with the New Normal or the plan you will follow once the 90 days are up. In staed of drinking 7 days week how about 2? You learn moderation and what it takes to live this life.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and anywhere in e-book, paperback and audio book.

My blog for dudes keeps going and so do I.

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

I’m back to promote book after taking a couple of days off. Today I am doing my third episode of my podcast. I will plug the audio book on the internet and I will start reminding people of my book signing in one week and attracting a crowd for that. Just needed a mini vacation from it.

People are still buying my book and now the audio version of it as well. My buddy came in from out of town to stop by and let me know how the book inspired him and that he also bought the audio book. I love hearing that and that. A family member congratulated me for all my hard work. Always great to hear.

You have to keep putting it out there. With the upcoming press release and my book signing that is what I am doing. Yes I brought drinking back into my life after my cleanse, but now with extreme moderation. I am working on my happy medium. So now I can enjoy the best of both worlds. Nights I can have a drink and wake up feeling fine. Also nights where I wake up and run 5 miles.

The blog is also a great way to read the writer’s mind and also let people know what you are doing. Right now I am in day 37 of this and it has been a wild ride. Ups and downs. But I always try to stay positive and touch people’s lives when I can and make a buck or two.

Day 35 of Dudes Change Your Ways in 90 Days

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Right now I have two press releases that will go out next week. One promoting my book and the 90 Days Til redemption Program. The other my audio book business. I also updated my IMDB credits which should post today. Just getting motivated today feeling great.

Looking to create a media Buzz.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

My faithful reality fans. just wanted to let you know I will be returning to Reality TV and acting. Right now I am promoting my latest book Dudes Change Your ways in 90 days and I hit a wall. I need to get it out there with blogs, newspaper articles, radio shows. Just put it out there. So people you have any ideas I am all ears. Leave a comment or idea and I will get back to you.

Day 33 of Dudes Change Your Ways in 90 Days

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

When you hit a wall with your promoting, sales and your energy toward it, you have to find a way around it or just barrel through it. This happened to me again and at times I have found ways around the wall by finding a new audience or just reinvesting into the one I already have. In the first month of all my work I did pretty well. I didn’t sell what I wanted to, but I still sold a good amount. Now being a second month into this I am about to change things up.

I have to. I took like 3 days off from promoting just to get a breather and retake a look  at things that was working and wasn’t. Right now I have to get this idea out there. The only way to do that is to get the press involved. I am going to take it upon myself and my connections to get a buzz going. I am going to be my own publicist. This is something my first book had that this one doesn’t. Yeah I did a press release and got some buzz going, but I can do more. Hell I was MSNBC and mentioned in Page Six. I owe this book that.

This is also the final stretch were I ask friends and people I know to show their support. I have a book signing coming up at a pretty respectable place. It is here that I want to do well. So I have to make the calls, texts and emails to make it happen. Hell I am even having a raffle. I hate being the guy that bugs people, but again I have done things and shown support for these people so I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever cashing in favors. Sorry but it has to be done.

Another discovery I made over this weekend was I am over drinking and going out. I hate waking up feeling like shit and spending my money. After my cleanse I gave myself the opportunity to go out, blow off some steam and enjoy life. Yeah I had fun, but it wasn’t the fun I expected. I like being in control and motivated in doing things. I just feel I am living life when I am sober. Will I ever drink again? I am sure of it, but right now I won’t be racing to a bar any time soon. especially when I am trying to get this book and way of life out there. I think I am finally getting it out of my system.

In closing I am going to get to the heart of my creativity and hustle the shit out of this book. I am going to step it up and do everything in my power to get it out there. So a month from now I can look at it from any direction with a sense of pride.