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James Gandolfini passes.

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

It’s a shame what happened to my fellow Rutger’s alumnus James Gandolfini. I used to watch Sopranos every Sunday and host TV parties because the acting was so good. He was a TV father, American Icon and he makes us Italians proud. He will be missed. I loved him as a gay hitman in the Mexican. Rest in Peace Tony Soprano.

Finding the right Publisher

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
Right now I am searching for the right publisher for both my book and audio book. It is a really tough decision which publisher to go with as I am mulling over offers. But I have to make a decision real soon. There is a lot more to consider with distribution, ebooks, online, audio book marketing. I am so glad I am in Day 15 of my 90 Days Til Redemption. It just feels great to think and live clearly. To wake up everyday ready to live and own up to my day. I am so glad I have developed a program that works and could actually help people quit or put off their bad habits.

The movie, the audio book, 90 Days Til Redemption

Monday, June 17th, 2013

I aint the best blogger, but this is my website. and from now on I am going to post what I can when I can. First off there is a movie bein g made called Losing Touch with Reality based on my adventures with Reality TV. It will be out in august. I’ll keep you posted. Next I am doing a 90- Days Til Redemption audio book my first. It is based on my upcoming book 90 Days Til Redemption which is a program solely based on sobriety and bettering yourself.   I get lost sometimes and I dont write what I should write. I have done more shows and I shpuld revamp this site I just dont get around to it. I create opportunities for myself whenever I can.

Did I like Superman yes I did. A little long but Man of Steel came thru. Finally a Superman they didn’t Fuck up. I saw my Yankees beat the Angels Yesterday. Mariano Riverea pitch live. What a treat. Something special. I did Magic Mountain earlier in the week. X2 is still the scariest Roller coaster out there. Batman is a scary ass Rollercoaster. Saw Nurse Jackie finale last night and the show has gotten alot better. I se it going one more year, because it is becoming trite. Right now I am looking at True Blood and thinking this show is running out of ideas and slowly is losing its audience.

Right now I am looking for a publisher for my audio book. Any Takers?