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Lets Make a Deal Wayne.

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Lets make a Deal airs on CBS weekly. And I will tell you by my recent experience how to get on that show. Recently I got on. Not gonna tell you when, or what happens until after it airs, but I got on. I study game shows, I find out the formula and I get on. Price is Right got on. master of Dance Got on. Whammy did more then got on Grand Champion. I have published a book on this stuff and I even have a movie coming out next year. It’s what i do. I’m that guy that gets on game shows. win or lose it doesn’t matter. What matters is I live my life and if I wanna be on a show then I will find a way on to a show. My next one is Wipeout. I gotta do it and I will do what it takes to get on that show. I put it out there and I leave it to all of you to like it or hate it.