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The table read

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Folks I am back full time writing animation and it feels great. To do something on this level is huge. I am over people stealing my ideas and making profit. This one is way out there. So out there it can’t be ignored. I have simplified my life to a point where if it doesn’t benefit me I don’t do it.  I just write act and work my job. If I have time I will work out or maybe go out for one.  But it’s all about this table read. I have assembled some really good people to help me out with a table read for this script. Not only will I be able to see what it looks like but hear it as well. I am video taping this read and putting audio to it. Its ten times better then picking up a script and imagining. That’s where i have been. Oh fro the record always feel free to leave a comment, but if its in another language other then English don’t bother.