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Wannabes video

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

What to do with Michael?!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Michael Jackson was the type of performer that was 50/50 to the public. You either hated the guy or loved him. People ar first and only impression people. You do one thing great and then you will be always in that person’s eyes that great person. Or do something bad and you can never be good. Jackson was a guy that always put it out there. And while he was always out there he entertained fans on a global scale. Some people mostly critics are jealous of people like that. They are the first to make Michael Jackson jokes in public. Meanwhile they are miserable people who hide their creativity in  a closet. When I look at MJ I see a kid with talent. A guy that captured a nation. A dancer. A frontiersman. An easy target. Has Michael Jackson ever been found guilty NO. So in this country a man is innocent until proven guilty. The one thing that is true is he will be missed by his millions  of fans on this day. His music will live on and I will always bust out a thriller dance at any party and lead the brigade. RIP.

Monday Deaths and Thoughts.

Monday, July 6th, 2009

It’s the sixth of July and there are more deaths around me recently that I have to acknowledge them. Of course Micael Jackson who I will miss, but what I wont miss is being in LA tuesday when the nutbag crazy fans come in and cause chaos. Then there’s of course Farrah Faucet Syeve Mcnair and a bunch of other fcelebrities. Most recently was my best freinds father died suddenly of cancer on fourth of July morning which took us by surprise and also one of my mom’s Yorkees died while I was visiting home with an enlarged heart. It sucks when loved ones die. Even when it doesn’t involve you there is somebody grieving. It is a part of life. The thing to remember is create a life around you and live it. That is what you will mostly be remembered for when you go. Doesn’t matter how many things you did in your career. A person is defined by the people they leave behind.  I beleive you should live life to the fullest. Its to short not to.

Yankee stadium and the fourth of July

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

First off folks I like the fact that people are leaving comments keep them coming. I will post yours. Ok Dexter next season will be about him committing mureders to the ones that deserve it while being married almost like hes cheating on her and we all know hes done it before.

So I go to Yankee stadium and the place is a futuristic ball park. I felt like back to the future two where everything was new and not understandable. Food courts that consisted of korean food, cuban food, chinese japanese fattty foods they had it all. Plus the seats I got froma scalper at face value 75 bucks floor. He just had to get rid of them and its easy to scalp there. I was also there when Arod jacked out a a two run blast and Mariano Rivera gets save 502. Oh yeah and the seats are padded with cup holders and the Museum make s youn cry.

Fourth of July is where I kick back and watch fire works be with family and enjoy the fact its summer. Get the blender going and if its shitty out watch some TV or play wii. My dog gets nervous when he hears fire works but hes use to chilling out