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The Summer of 2009.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

I just had a Birthday that was filled with everything you would want to happen on it. A decent movie with good friends Termninator Salvation, It was pretty good, wasn’t bad. Then a Veal Chop at one of my favorite restaurants. VIP dessert again with good friends. Then a drunken Debotchary at Brass Monkey. Nothing but a great kareoke party. Where I had a great turnout and everyone had fun. Then the following day I took care of business and got my grove on. It was cool. Summer is here. My Yankes are playing great and are in first place. Started working out again and that I hate. But gotta watch my Money in this recesion. Things are different now. So I still book a ten day trip to NY for July to check out Yankee stadium Holiday. Summer always starts with the good weather, crazy parties, good movies good baseball.