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The second book

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Just so you folks know. The second book Jack of all Trades is about my experiences in stand up comedy, acting, getting your stuff published and music. Also it takes a look at life in Hollywood if you decide to pursue your profession. Why should you read it? There are people in this town that don’t know where to start and there are others who have pursued this path and decide not to relive it. I feel it is my duty to share with you this information. Also anyone who knows me can tell you I have had some interesting and unique experiences.  For ten bucks you can get a copy sent right to your computer. You will also help support my endeavor. I got a couple new videos up as you can see. Just to give you guys a better understanding of who I am. The vlogs start this week I will just talk about whatever I feel like talking about its my website. For example If I was on today I would talk about Dexter the season finale, which made me realize that I have to get on that show. So I made it a solemn promise to do that. Also to get on Heroes next season. Just a couple of my goals.