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Friday, February 14th, 2014


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Dudes, Change Your Ways on Valentine’s Dazzzzzeeeee

I call it Valentine’s Daze, because people have to act a certain way on this day and it becomes a little predictable. Prove your love to somebody by spending time and money on that person. Not everybody has somebody so if that is the case or even if you have somebody don’t forget the most important thing to do today….love what you have around you.

Whether it be your money, the car you drive, place you live, the job you have, the kids you have, the healthy lifestyle you live, the pets you have, the friends you have and most important the life that you live. Don’t forget to be selfish and love yourself for a moment. What you have accomplished. It is a day of reflection. It is truly a day where you realize if you are happy or not. Are you lonely? Are you satisfied? Are you bored? Do you have enough or do you want more? Is there something that is missing or something you don’t like about yourself?

On this day I answer these questions and I make sure I get the answers I am looking for. Yeah there are certain things I would like in my own life that I don’t have and there are certain things I am proud of. One fact is I like waking up every morning and being me. That is huge. I get to be Jack Benza. What does that mean? Only I know the answer and I know how to get more answers. I challenge myself until I get them or come damn close.

Is there something in your life you don’t love about yourself? Do you want to make a change? Here’s one answer.  I have a book called Dudes Change Your Ways in 90 days. You can read it or listen to it. But if any of this sounds familiar then maybe I have some answers. It is based on the program 90 days Til Redemption that fixes things in your life, motivates you and inspires others around you. Again ask yourself the questions I mentioned earlier and if any of this sounds like you my book, is one click away on Amazon and I-tunes. Happy Valentine’s Dazzzeee.

my daily blog

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

I created a program called 90 Days Til Redemption because I wanted to get things done in my life and still enjoy life on all levels. For 90 days I suspend habits that get in my way of getting things done in my life. I love drinking and spending stupidly. It is in my nature. But I have figured out a way for 9 months out of 12 I don’t do those habits and I get monster things done. I don’t drink or do stupid things within that time. I get creative, motivated and I focus on things that I want to get done. You only live once so why not live to your full potential. Enjoy your goals make them come true.

Dudes Change your ways in 90 Days is an audio book/book that I created for people to get out of that rut. To see some results. One of the things I encourage in this book is doing an activity that you are not good at and own it. Mine is running. I am running a 26.2 mile marathon. I train for it every day. I lose weight, gain energy and I am motivated to look and feel better. I have another run planned in April. A three mile mud run. I challenge myself and I am very proud of the results. I am active. Your activity can be whatever you want it to be.

I provide tools in this book to get you going. I lived this book and I continue to live it whenever I can. I am noT quitting ANYTHING, but merely suspending those habits. So I can get things that I want to get done. Amazon, I-tunes. The book is available. Get motivated.

Dudes Change your Ways for Jeter’s last day.

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Dudes, Changing my Way For Jeter’s last Day.

I always said when Derek Jeter retires I will feel old. I never do feel old because the things I am doing these days training for marathon, starting an acting career in commercials and publishing two books in one year are not signs of settling. But today see Derek Jeter announces his retirement after this year and makes you really think about how short life really is.

It inspires me to work even harder during this 90 day cleanse. Right now I am in day 14. I have a national commercial running. About a year ago I saw a friend of mine on TV nailing commercials and my first thought was why can’t that be me? He waited tables in the same restaurant as me and honestly he kind of blew up. I am so proud for that guy, but honestly my thought process again was why can’t that be me?! So I did certain things like giving up going out, dating, drinking a social life and I hit the gym. So when I got that call for the audition I knew one hundred percent I was ready. Things started happening. I got call backs. I got more auditions. I was on avail. Eventually I landed a couple. Point is I wanted it! No reason you the person reading this right now can’t want “it”. What I am doing right now is learning Spanish, hardcore why? Because I could be making more money commercials and this is an untapped market for me. But that is what I am doing. What are you doing?

Dudes, Change Your Ways in 90 days is a book about getting”it”. Wanting “it”. The more days you spend chasing your goal rather than sitting on your ass for 6 hours watching Netflix you start to feel better about yourself. The process is called 90 Days Til Redemption. And after 90 days of living this way that is what you get Redemption. You get control back in your life. You accomplish things that you wanted. You make discoveries.

The book is available on itunes as an audio book and Amazon as an e-book and paperback. If you are looking for a change, start right now. Hit it. So when the time comes to settle and you look back on your life you realize what you did and what you never tried. No fucking regrets!

90 Days Til Redemption is back

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

For only 90 days suspend your bad habits. Don’t quit them. Just leave them alone for 13 weeks. Live a different lifestyle where you get things done. You get inspired, motivated, and healthy in that time frame. You publish a book. You get a promotion. You ask that certain someone out you never had the gall to. The name of the program is 90 Days Til Redemption. The purpose of it is to fix what is wrong with you. You want certain things in life but its just not happening. You see other people around you progressing. Making more money and getting things done. Meanwhile you feel stuck. Hey listen I like drinking, spending stupidly, having a cigarette if I want to. I am human. There are times I grab these things when I am stressed out or think I am entitled to it when shit happens both good and bad. I am not saying give any of these things up. But when a pattern develops and it prevents you from living a life where you deserve certain things…it becomes a problem. Or maybe you need a break. A vacation from the norm. You need a makeover. You want to get shit done. But why not return to your bad habits after you get things done. Why not get some Redemption first? Control back in your life.

Folks I published a book 5 months ago titled Dudes Change Your Ways in 90 days. It follows the 90 Days Til Redemption Program where if you have any bad habits that you are not proud of that can consist of drinking, smoking, gambling, drugs, poor diet and spending stupidly. The first tool I use is the Redemption bracelet. I get a bracelet and I put a rubber band on that bracelet. If I go 24 hours without doing that habit I put another rubber band on. The practice continues until I hit day 90. During the process I make a calender to mark the days off. I do mini rituals to get me through the process. I go to the gym. I watch what I eat. I take me days which are small vacation days away from the process, but I continue my process. I challenge myself by doing things I didn’t think possible like running a 26.2 mile marathon. I make myself happy when ever I can. I find new challenges in life.

Right now I am in Day 13 of a brand new process. Since then I have a new audio book title Living The Dream which is based on an animated movie that I wrote. I have a national commercial out for Farmers Insurance. I am currently training for the Los Angeles marathon 26.2 miles and I am running 12 miles every other day.

Some thing always happens positively in my life when I pursue this challenge and lifestyle. It is not easy, but I do see progress everyday throughout this process. Everyday I wake up with a purpose and I live life to the fullest. Folks. The name of the book is Dudes Change Your ways in 90 Days and it is available on in paperback, e-book or audio book. Change things up today.

February 4th

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Happy New Year folks.

I am back this year with some projects in the work. One is Living The Dream is an animated movie I am working on selling to any movie company that wants it outright. I made it into an audio book that is available on Itunes, and Amazon. Another is my commercial for farmers Insurance should be out any day now. I am training for the Los Angeles marathon 26.2 miles. Also I am back on my 90 days Til Redemption cleanse of no drinking and spending stupidly.  This beautiful cleanse is described in my book Dudes Change Your ways in 90 Days also available on Amazon.

Living The Dream

Friday, December 20th, 2013

My latest book Living The Dream is a children’s audio book that will be out December 27th. Available on Itunes, Audible and Amazon. The kindle version is available right now on Amazon. Living The Dream is about Dreams which are actual beings that resemble clouds and live in the Dream World. Their sole purpose is to come true and will transform into any image to impress their dreamer and make that happen. But what happens when I dream decides to become a Nightmare and scare the dreamers away? Find out next week or right now.

Living the Dream

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

There is an animated script I wrote three years ago that  never did anything with and yesterday I had a table read for it and it went extremely well. I am making an audio book out of it and I have very talented actors helping me out. It should bve out by xmas if all goes well. In the past I have had some of my projects stolen or used, others I have published like this year. It doesn’t matter how many units you sell, but more important are your units selling at all. I am doing ok from my last book and I have not given up on that yet. I am in day 21 of another cleanse and it feels amazing. Now I am concentrating on a bigger project where I will see some money in the long run. The project is titled Living the Dream and I am already in the ride for it. Next week we go to the studio.  Right now I am doing some revisions. Ruight now it is good.

My blog for the day

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Day 47 of Dudes Change Your ways in 90 days

After a successful book signing my book has a home at Chevaliers Books on Larchmont. So if you want a paperback copy and you’re in Los Angeles stop on in and buy a copy. Don’t forget the book is available online as well. That’s what you have to do when you’re book is out. Put the books in stores and hopefully after some time you make a profit. I am glad I went through with it and now my new mission is to put it in other book stores.

As I said yesterday I am going back to life of Redemption. I get more done and I like that person better. In my book I talk about the New Normal which is your strategy once the 90 days are up. That is something you need-strict guidelines you must live by once you reintroduce bad habits back in your life. After two weeks of coexisting with them I am beginning to seriously realize I don’t like them in my life. This was the whole plan of this process to kill those urges and bring in a sense of awareness that I don’t need them in my life anymore. It did take the whole year for me to realize this and 3 90 day cycles. So I am feeling better already this week. Facing things and getting things done.

I took a break from promoting the book like I always have. I was trying new things, having fun and frankly I got burned out. But I am returning for another push.

Feedback from others who have bought the book and are on the program is keeping this alive. This run, this adventure. I am glad I am helping people. This book and this process does just that. But always remember this is a process that takes time. You won’t solve all your problems in 90 days but think about all the good you are doing in those 90 days for yourself rather than hurting your self. Always use me as an example. if I can do it, you can do it.

september 10th

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Right now I, Jack Benza, am promoting my book Dudes change Your ways in 90 Days. It is a book about losing your bad habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, drugs and finding motivation and creativity in your life. In order to do this people are following the 90 Days Til Redemption program which states that for 90 days you suspend your bad habits. You learn to test drive a new life. see what it is like to wake up sober, with money in your pocket and have the energy you need to get things done. In this time you earn redemption and get the control back in your life. Tools are provided along the way. People are wearing the Redemption Bracelet which signifies each day you are on. This is something you create and not something you buy. Rituals, the journal and the old number 7 box are more tool sthrown in the mix. After your 90 days you come up with the New Normal or the plan you will follow once the 90 days are up. In staed of drinking 7 days week how about 2? You learn moderation and what it takes to live this life.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and anywhere in e-book, paperback and audio book.

My blog for dudes keeps going and so do I.

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

I’m back to promote book after taking a couple of days off. Today I am doing my third episode of my podcast. I will plug the audio book on the internet and I will start reminding people of my book signing in one week and attracting a crowd for that. Just needed a mini vacation from it.

People are still buying my book and now the audio version of it as well. My buddy came in from out of town to stop by and let me know how the book inspired him and that he also bought the audio book. I love hearing that and that. A family member congratulated me for all my hard work. Always great to hear.

You have to keep putting it out there. With the upcoming press release and my book signing that is what I am doing. Yes I brought drinking back into my life after my cleanse, but now with extreme moderation. I am working on my happy medium. So now I can enjoy the best of both worlds. Nights I can have a drink and wake up feeling fine. Also nights where I wake up and run 5 miles.

The blog is also a great way to read the writer’s mind and also let people know what you are doing. Right now I am in day 37 of this and it has been a wild ride. Ups and downs. But I always try to stay positive and touch people’s lives when I can and make a buck or two.